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Crown Replacement: What to Expect During This Restoration

Dentist assessing a patient’s dental crown

A dental crown replacement is a common procedure to restore a compromised tooth’s strength, function, and appearance. 

If you’re scheduled for a crown replacement at Erickson Dental or considering it as a solution to your dental issue, understanding the process can help alleviate any anxiety or hesitancy. 

Let us take a moment to walk you through what to expect during a dental crown replacement procedure at our practice,  ensuring you’re well-prepared for the journey ahead.

Initial consultation and evaluation

The journey to a new dental crown begins with an initial consultation at Erickson Dental Practice. 

During this appointment, our dentist will thoroughly examine your existing crown and assess the condition of the underlying tooth. This evaluation is crucial in determining whether crown replacement is the best course of action.

Next, our dentist will discuss your treatment options, explain the crown replacement procedure, and address any questions or concerns you may have. Our patient-centered approach ensures you’re fully informed and comfortable with the treatment plan before proceeding.

Preparation of the tooth

Once you and Dr. Erickson or Dr. Naqvi have decided on crown replacement, the next step involves preparing the tooth for the new crown. This preparation typically entails reshaping and resizing the tooth to create a stable foundation for the replacement crown.

Our dentist will use local anesthesia to numb the area, ensuring a painless and comfortable experience. After reshaping the tooth, we’ll take impressions of your prepared tooth to create a custom-made crown that matches the shape and color of your natural teeth.

Temporary crown placement

While we send your custom crown to a lab, we’ll place a temporary crown to protect the prepared tooth. This temporary crown serves multiple purposes, including:

Protection: It safeguards the vulnerable tooth structure and prevents further damage or sensitivity.

Functionality: The temporary crown allows you to continue eating, speaking, and smiling comfortably while awaiting the permanent crown.

Custom crown fabrication

The creation of your custom crown is a precise and meticulous process. We’ll send the impressions taken during the initial visit to a dental laboratory where skilled technicians craft your new crown to exact specifications. 

At our practice, we prioritize the use of high-quality materials to ensure the longevity and esthetics of your crown.

Permanent crown placement

Once your custom crown is ready, you’ll return to our practice for its placement. During this appointment, our dentist will confirm the new crown fits perfectly, matches your natural teeth, and feels comfortable in your mouth.

Before securing the crown in place, our dentist will perform a final check to ensure it meets your expectations and functional requirements. Once you’re satisfied, the crown will be cemented onto the prepared tooth, completing the crown replacement process.

Recovery and post-procedure care

After your crown replacement procedure, follow the post-procedure care instructions provided by your dentist. You may initially experience some mild discomfort or sensitivity, but this should subside within a few days.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial to the longevity of your crown. Be sure to continue brushing and flossing regularly and attend regular dental checkups to monitor the condition of your new crown and overall oral health.

To summarize

Dental crown replacement at Erickson Dental is a straightforward and effective procedure designed to restore the health and beauty of your smile. 

Knowing what to expect during the process can give you confidence and peace of mind to approach your crown replacement.

If you’re considering crown replacement or have any questions about the procedure, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team is here to guide you through every step of your journey toward a healthier, more radiant smile.

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