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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative care is central to all we do at Erickson Dental.

Services with a Personal Touch

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Comprehensive Exams
Regular dental checkups are vital to maintaining your oral health.

As a new member of our dental family, you’ll receive a full comprehensive evaluation from Dr. Erickson. This complete assessment allows us to check your teeth entirely, from their chewing surface to their root tip. Along with this, we’ll also assess your gums’ health and provide thorough cleaning. Plus, you’ll receive a complete oral cancer screening each time you come in for your regular checkup.

We’ll address any small issues before they become real problems and adapt our services to your specific needs.

Oral Hygiene
Regular brushing and flossing are necessary for a successful oral hygiene routine, but your regular visits to our office also play an important role in your preventative care.

Hygiene appointments are designed to aid in cavity prevention and keep your smile shining. Our dental hygienists are recognized as true experts in their field because of their gentle and caring touch. With their combined knowledge and expertise of 50+ years and their friendly manner, they’ll make your hygiene appointments a unique and pleasant experience.

During your professional cleaning, our hygiene team will focus on removing plaque and tartar from your teeth that regular brushing and flossing cannot accomplish. What’s more, we’ll use this visit to provide you with excellent advice to improve your at-home oral care routine.

Periodontal Therapy
Ensuring the health of your gums is essential for your oral health and overall well-being. If you notice bleeding, swelling, or extreme tooth sensitivity, you could be experiencing early signs of periodontal (gum) disease.

At Erickson Dental, we use periodontal therapy to improve and maintain your gums’ health and fight against this common disease.

If your gums are unhealthy, our caring team can nurse them back to health through an effective hygiene routine at home and a series of professional cleanings. However, if gum disease has developed, our team can provide in-depth cleanings (scaling and root planing) to remove any plaque and harmful bacteria below the gumline.

Remember, attending your regular hygiene appointments is the best preventative measure against gum disease. Schedule your appointment today!

Oral Cancer Screenings
Oral cancer screenings are conducted during regular check-ups and act as the first line of defense that could protect you against this disease.

Dr. Erickson will conduct a visual and physical evaluation of your oral cavity and the soft tissue. He’ll check for lumps, bumps, swelling, patches of color, or other lesions.

If an abnormality is found, we’ll work with your general physician to get an accurate diagnosis and identify any necessary treatment.

Early detection could save your life, so please schedule your screening today.

Sedation Dentistry

Have you ever felt anxious about visiting the dentist? Maybe you struggle to relax while in the dentist’s chair? If so, you are not alone! What’s more, Dr. Erickson is here to help.

Our skilled Irving dentist offers a few sedation options to help you overcome your fears and feel comfortable during every visit.

Nitrous oxide: A sweet-smelling gas administered via a nasal mask to make you feel very relaxed during your procedure.

Oral conscious sedation: It is administered in the form of a pill that you can swallow before your treatment. This sedation option makes you feel calm and at ease during any procedure.

Together, you and Dr. Erickson will decide which form of sedation best suits your needs. Say “goodbye” to all your fears and experience dentistry the way it should be.

Root Canals
Root canals are needed when the inside of your tooth becomes infected due to severe damage, trauma, or decay, causing you to experience extreme pain and sensitivity.

Thanks to our use of state-of-the-art technology, our team can repair your infected tooth without adding any discomfort.

During this procedure, Dr. Erickson will gently remove the infection using his gentle touch. He’ll then use a composite resin to fill the vacated space and place a permanent dental crown to restore your tooth’s integrity- all in one visit!

You may think receiving a root canal treatment means you will feel extensive amounts of pain. However, Dr. Erickson will go above and beyond to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease during this pain-free procedure. Plus, we offer sedation dentistry in case you need it.

Are you experiencing headaches or a sore jaw? Do you hear clicking when you chew? If so, you could be grinding your teeth at night, or you might be suffering from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems.

If this is the case, our night guards can help stabilize your bite and jaw. These simple appliances are custom-made to your specifications to protect your teeth from grinding or clenching during your sleep. Their precise fit makes them comfortable to wear while allowing you to enjoy a good night’s rest.


Protecting your teeth while playing sports is vital. Our custom-made sports guards protect your teeth from trauma and injuries associated with several sports, all without causing discomfort or impairing your performance.

Patient Testimonials
Real stories from real people.

Always an outstanding experience with Dr Erickson and his team. I had chipped one of my veneers and they worked me in right away to get it repaired. It was quick and painless. Truly ALWAYS a pleasure.”


Emergency Dentistry

Watch our video to discover how Dr. Erickson and our team can help.

Emergency Dentistry

Watch our video to discover how Dr. Erickson and our team can help.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency then please contact our office today!

Let Us Restore Your Smile
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Metal-Free Fillings
Our modern metal-free fillings are designed to seal cavities in your tooth (cavity) and prevent bacteria-induced infection from spreading any further.

Instead of using outdated metal fillings, Dr. Erickson uses tooth-colored composite materials that mimic your natural tooth’s appearance and blend nicely into your smile.

He does this by first removing all decay from the affected area. Next, he’ll bond your durable and long-lasting filling to your tooth’s surface using advanced techniques. Finally, your filling will be sculpted to seamlessly match the rest of your smile in as little as one visit!

Once finished, this restoration will protect your tooth and restore its natural function in a discreet and beautiful way.

Crowns & Bridges
At our Irving, TX dental office, we offer two of the most quality restorative dentistry solutions; crowns and bridges.

Crowns: If your tooth is severely cracked, fractured, or damaged, we can use a crown to restore its function and beauty. This custom-made restoration is placed on top of your damaged tooth (like a cap) to protect it from further damage. Dr. Erickson will design your crown using impressions of your teeth to match your exact specifications. Before placing your restoration, we will shape your tooth to make room for your crown. Then, when your crown is ready, Dr. Erickson will place it and bond it using special glue. In the end, your crown will match the color and shape of your other teeth while giving you a beautiful smile.

Bridges: Losing a tooth poses a potential risk for your oral and overall health while forcing you to live with a smile you’re too embarrassed to show others. Dr. Erickson offers a solution to this with his use of dental bridges. This restoration consists of an artificial tooth anchored into place by two adjacent crowns to fill the gap of your missing tooth. They help you reclaim your tooth’s natural look and function, prevent future dental problems, and restore your smile to its former glory.

As we age, we are at a higher risk of losing our natural teeth. If you have lost some or most of your teeth, Dr. Erickson uses customized dentures to redesign your smile.

Our dentures mimic your natural smile, look, function, and feel to enhance your quality of life. With our custom-made dentures, you’ll be able to enjoy smiling, eating, and laughing once again, no questions asked!

We also offer implant-retained dentures using the All-on-4® technology. Dr. Erickson uses these implants to provide you with a whole set of upper or lower teeth on the day of your procedure, only using FOUR implants!

Find out more about this modern procedure by booking your consultation today.

Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth due to severe decay, dental disease, or a traumatic event, dental implants can be the ideal permanent solution for you.

Dr. Erickson works closely with an oral surgeon to provide you with the implant solutions you need. This surgeon will place the implant and guide you through the entire process. Then, once your implant is placed and healed, Dr. Erickson can help re-complete your smile.

Your fully healed implant will then act as a secure foundation for our all-porcelain dental restorations. These restorations include crowns, bridges, or dentures that go on top of your implant to create your beautiful and seamless smile.

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder is a common issue that occurs when this specific joint becomes inflamed or damaged. Sufferers tend to experience headaches, jaw pain, and other symptoms that can negatively impact your life.

Thanks to Dr. Erickson’s experience and expertise, he is able to assist in relieving your pain and providing you with the ideal treatment plan.

Our Irving restorative dentist provides a non-invasive approach that uses a customized TMJ appliance (similar to a mouthguard) to place your jaw in its correct position. Using this gentle therapy, he helps to give you the pain relief you desire.

Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea is a serious yet very common condition in which you stop breathing during your sleep. The disorder is caused when the back of the throat collapses, resulting in an inability to breathe. If left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to other severe health conditions.

At Erickson Dental, we provide a take-home overnight sleep apnea screening to better understand your individual condition. This screening consists of wearing a breathing monitor to track your oxygen levels and breathing effort during your sleep. We then use this information to treat the cause of your issue with a SomnoDent sleep apnea oral appliance.

Like a TMJ appliance, this comfortable mouthguard moves your jaw forward into a comfortable position. This allows the tissues at the back of your throat to relax, thus, preventing your airway from collapsing.

Please contact us for a consultation and discover if our sleep apnea treatment is right for you.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you are suffering from multiple oral health issues that are negatively affecting your life, Dr. Erickson may recommend you undergo a full mouth reconstruction. This involves a combination of cosmetic and restorative procedures to restore your smile back to full health.

Dr. Erickson will outline a step-by-step plan that is custom-made to fulfill all your needs and goals. This allows us to space out your treatment and gradually recapture your dental health at a comfortable pace for you and all under one roof.

Dr. Erickson transforms your smile using the following procedures:

  • Teeth alignment
  • Dental implants
  • Dental crowns
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Mouthguards
Inlays & Onlays
If your tooth has been severely damaged, Dr. Erickson can restore its structure and function using an inlay or onlay. These restorations replace missing pieces from your tooth so you can smile freely once again.

It is considered an inlay when it fits within the little points or “cusps” of a tooth and an onlay if it covers one or more of these cusps. These restorations represent a more conservative approach than dental crowns because they don’t require a tooth filling.

Once our partner lab creates your inlay or onlay, Dr. Erickson will adjust it to fit your beautiful smile and then bond it to your tooth using special cement. Both restorations are made of porcelain to provide you with amazing smile results.

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